Sam’s Lounge

Cocktails and Tropical Drinks!

Sam's Lounge

Has anyone told you that you’re the best parents in the entire world? Well, you are and for that we would like to propose a toast! The Lounge is open during operational hours on Saturday and Sunday. (For weekday entertainment see The Wipe Out Outdoor Tiki Bar which operates during the Summer when the Beach Club is open.)

Boasting both a traditional and tropical drink menu, Sam’s Lounge also carries relaxation and peace of mind on tap. Located (strategically) just inside the entrance of our water facilities, your descendants won’t be able to slip past your line of site.

Maybe you came to watch the game, forget about work, or enjoy good company, whatever the reason is we are toasting to you: “To the best parents in the world!”


Miller Lite as Sam's Lounge

Coors Light as Sam's Lounge Corona at Sam's Lounge Corona Light at Sam's Lounge Guinness at Sam's Lounge Heineken at Sam's Lounge Heineken Light at Sam's Lounge   Yuengling as Sam's Lounge Blue Moon at Sam's Lounge