FlowRider Surfing Simulator

The Only Indoor Flowrider in New Jersey!

FlowRider Surfing Simulator

Minimum age 8 years old* A signed waiver must be completed prior to using this attraction

Our FlowRider technology creates an everlasting wave for guests to “hang ten” and surf the night away (in a shark free environment). Rain or shine, FlowRider continues to produce the ultimate wave. You can perfect your style with practice, ride the tide on your belly, or pull up a chair for prime wipeout views; you’ll always have the chance to strut your stuff on FlowRider.

42″ Minimum Height to Body Board

NOTE: Stand-up surfing is no longer permitted on the FlowRider®. Only belly-boarding is permitted. On non-peak hours, the FlowRider and other water attractions may run on a 30 minute rotating schedule. On weekends and school holidays, FlowRider will open at 11 am.


Important information about the FlowRider:

  • This is a very strenuous ride. The moving water is extremely turbulent.
  • Bodyboarding on this sheet wave is a body-active, participatory sport. As with all sports, care must be taken to avoid a mishap.
  • Riders must be in good physical condition and free from any physical limitations to participate. Pregnant women and persons with or having a history of heart, back, neck, shoulder, or joint problems should not ride.
  • Riders must be as tall as their Bodyboard (42″) to participate.
  • Jewelry, hats, foot wear, eye glasses, or loose articles of any type are not recommended on the ride as they may injure the participant.
  • Bathing suit tops, bottoms, and loose clothing may be pulled off by the flowing water. Cover-ups are suggested.
  • Entering the ride: Upon receiving instruction from lifeguard,
    • BODYBOARDING: place your bodyboard onto the flow of water slick side down. Lie down on your stomach, heading facing the flow of water, with your hips along the rear edge of the board. Your legs should be extended straight behind you to serve as a rudder. Your hands should grab the forward rails of the board. Keep fingers, hands, and elbows on top of your board to minimize water splashed into eyes. Gently push into the flow. You may ride in a kneeling position.
  • Avoid jumping into or entering the ride at high speed. YOU WILL WIPE OUT!
  • Steer your board into the center of the flowing water. You can control your board by gently shifting your weight. Try to keep your board pointed in the direction of the oncoming flow of water. Edge control is the key.
  • If you wipe out, do not hold your board. Release board immediately, cover your head, and keep limbs close to body and try to brace for impact with feet first.
  • Single riding only is permitted. No tandem riders or multi-person riding is allowed.
  • CAUTION! The ride surface of this ride is very slippery. DO NOT attempt to walk on the ride surface. You may only stand to walk and exit after coming to a complete stop on the dark blue drain grating.
  • Obey the lifeguard at all times.
  • Riders must be at least 8 years of age to ride.
  • Maximum weight limit is 300 lbs.
  • Horseplay and daredevil stunts are not permitted.
  • Riders must be bare foot.

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