3 Things You Didn’t Know

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Sahara Sam’s Oasis


1. We Read EVERY Email You Send Us

Sahara Sam's
Every Facebook post, every tweet, every email that you send to Sahara Sam’s Oasis is reviewed by our management staff. While that might seem impossible, it’s true. We put significant emphasis on our guest feedback. In an industry that depends on the success of your experience we determine everything from our programming to our operating hours from the feedback of our guests. Each page of our website has a contact form for guests to ask questions, share their experience, or make a suggestion. We recently implemented a Guest Experience and Insight Survey to target areas that you believe we can improve with.


2. Our Roof Opens and Closes

Sahara Sam's Retractable Roof One of the challenges the amusement industry faces is the seasonality of business. As part of our company mission (see below) we pride ourselves on innovative design. To understand how this concept applies to Sahara Sam’s one simply has to look up! When the park was built it was designed with a retractable roof. When the weather is nice we simply open a variation of 36 individual panels to let the sunshine and fresh air in. During the winter we keep the panels closed. Since the panels are transparent the snow stays out and the light comes in. If you still can’t get enough sunshine, then you will certainly be a fan of our new Beach Club Outdoor Water Park.

The Sahara Sam’s Oasis Mission:
To be the premier choice in family entertainment through innovative design and exceptional service in a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere.

3. The Water Park is a Proud Supporter of the SAMBULANCE Safety Squad, Inc.

Sahara Sam's Sambulance Safety SquadIf you have visited the park recently you may have noticed a fleet of “SAMBULANCE” vehicles parked near the entrance. The vehicles, along with the SAMBULANCE Safety Squad, Inc. team members offer complimentary educational programming for schools and community groups designed to educate students about safety awareness, emergency situations, first aid, water safety, bullying and much more! Odds are that a SAMBULANCE program has already been a part of your child’s curriculum. In the past year and half, the SAMBULANCE Safety Squad, Inc. has reached over 40,000 children in surrounding New Jersey school systems.

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